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Private Universe

Personal, comedic, and philosophical discussions with special guests talking about life and existence, as well as art, music, love, sport, and entertainment. Chats about the significance of our interaction with the world and our effect on others. Carlos Camacho psychologist and author.

Feb 19, 2019

Truth is an individual experience, yet many people believe they know something miraculous that others do not. Some people feel that they have knowledge of the world that for some reason has not made itself accessible to others.  We all know of these people, if only they knew that all they have is a thin slice of the...

Feb 7, 2019

Carlos Camacho psychologist and author is interviewed at a forum in Sydney about mental health through his book Goodbye Charlie. Also there is a debate about tolerating mental health in the workplace with Carlos on the side of Yes. This and more on Private Universe.