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Private Universe

Personal, comedic, and philosophical discussions with special guests talking about life and existence, as well as art, music, love, sport, and entertainment. Chats about the significance of our interaction with the world and our effect on others. Carlos Camacho psychologist and author.

Feb 20, 2020

Una Defensa del Pensamiento Crítico y Reflexivo - Charla entre Mariano Martinez y Carlos Camacho. Existe un modo otro de andar y transitar nuestro día a día. Una alternativa a lo cotidiano que nos permite demorarnos en un análisis eventual de lo que somos, de cómo somos y de qué sentimos. Este espacio de...

Feb 13, 2020

Carlos Camacho psychologist chatting to Lachlan Fanning about society and our fear of each other. Specifically, why people are suspicious when money is offered to them for free.